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ASAP Tickets Supports Their Customers' Meaningful Work with Kids in Africa

Charity will create educational opportunities for children in Ghana and many other countries

ASAP Tickets is proud to support its customer - Viola Tebah - on her meaningful trip to Ghana, Africa to work on the TEI project (Tebah Educational Initiative).

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Viola Tebah, an African-born model and the founder of Tebah Educational Initiative, is dedicated to helping students from developing countries around the globe to get an education. Her schools - Takoradi, Tamale and Bolgatanga - are providing a series of scholarships and other programs.

Tebah Educational Initiative, the Maryland-based organization, is not a school, it is an organization that seeks for higher education for orphans and students in deprived and third world countries by offering scholarship programs, mentorship, summer camps and afterschool centers. This exciting project involves cooperation with local schools, support for those schools and students, book donations and much more. Since 2013 the program has offered scholarship opportunities to 20 different students, helping them continue their education.

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African school Gifts for kids Viola Tebah

Devoted to Education for All African Children

Viola Tebah was born in Ivory Coast and she received her education thanks to a number of different scholarships and mentoring programs.

The project means a lot to her and she is devoted to giving back to her community.

“This is the reason why I was urged to start this project not only to give back to my community but also giving children the opportunity to achieve their educational goals and to build greater leaders for the future,” said Tebah.

Life-Changing Initiatives

Since 2013 this important initiative has been offering scholarship to African students in the Afigya Kwabre District. Many of the students involved in the program are from low income families.

TEI is also working to help several orphanages in Haiti and is planning to visit Ugandan schools. These educational projects in developing countries have a very high global importance and they will make a big difference for the future of this generation.

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ASAP Tickets together with South African Airways are offering special discounted fares to Africa in support of this cause.

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