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Victoria Matovu

I am highly impressed with the service I received from Mara. She was very professional, po...

From: New York → Freetown  *  Economy

Jonathan Kubakundimana

It was great, y'all really worked to make this trip happen for me and I will definitely us...

From: Greenville → Kigali  *  Economy


Excellent customer service. My agent was more than willing to work with us to construct a ...

From: Washington → Kigali  *  Economy

Brenda Kariuki

They are very helpful in getting the best deal available and their customer service experi...

From: Washington → Nairobi  *  Economy


Very nice and easy transaction process. Dianne was an extremely helpful travel agent who w...

From: New York → Nairobi  *  Economy

Margaret Nderitu

Very good customer service, thorough knowledge of the airlines and how they work. Very wel...

From: Birmingham → Nairobi  *  Economy

Corby HudsonLawal

The representative who assisted me was very thorough and gave me many favorable options to...

From: Denver → Lagos  *  Economy

Constance Nwaogu

I had an absolutely lovely experience. The person I spoke to was very helpful and courteou...

From: Tulsa → Lagos  *  Economy

Joy obikwelu

These guys are very good at what they do. I am so satisfied with the way they handled my r...

From: Minneapolis → Lagos  *  Economy

Joyce Prempeh

I really like your servicescliff is a very good employee very friendliy.andhelpful am pro...

From: Chicago → Accra  *  Economy

Josephine Danquah

Kira is a wonderful and very patient lady who have been helping me with my trips. She has...

From: Washington → Accra  *  Economy

Annabelle Koksei

Excellent service, surely I would arrange my future flight with your company. Tnx again.

From: San Francisco → Addis Ababa  *  Economy

Catherine Koskei

Thanks too for the good job you did. Thanks again to Brix who was my agent, he ensured I g...

From: Washington → Nairobi  *  Economy

Solomon Johnson

Everything went on perfectly smoothly from Day 1 to the last day I will recommend your com...

From: Washington → Lagos  *  Economy


My first inquiry was with Dominic who responded to me immediately by sending me the inform...

From: Philadelphia → Entebbe  *  Economy

Michael Matovu

l was actually surprised by the friendliness and courtsy of agents. They were very helpfu...

From: Chicago → Entebbe  *  Economy

Richard Stewart

I do appreciate your assistance in booking this flight to Lagos for my trip.

From: Baltimore → Lagos  *  Economy


This agent absolutely knows his job perfectly well and has a very positive approach to his...

From: Boise → Lagos  *  Economy


The Travel Agent (Asia) is 100% responsible for my booking this flight through this channe...

From: Newark → Lagos  *  Economy


I was a nice experience. The agent Freeman was helpful in finding the right ticket conside...

From: Raleigh → Accra  *  Economy


Excellent customer service from the Travel Agent I will not hesitate to recommend him to a...

From: Huntsville → Douala  *  Economy


My travel agent was very helpful and great at his job. Thank you so much for helping me!

From: Houston → Addis Ababa  *  Economy


The agent was true to his word, he called back immediately each time. He was extremely qui...

From: Tampa → Johannesburg  *  Economy


He was most helpful and patient. I was working with a friend who was out of town and booki...

From: Nashville → Addis Ababa  *  Economy

Heslop Joy

We had an excellent vacation. Flights were on time.  Agents very helpful. I would definit...

From: Washington → Harare  *  Economy

Josephine Danquah

Kira is a wonderful and very patient lady who have been helping me with my trips. She has...

From: Washington → Accra  *  Economy

Cecilia Okpodu

Thanks for helping me have a wonderful travel experience home and back. I had a wonderful ...

From: Columbia → Freetown  *  Economy

Catherine Koskei

Thanks too for the good job you did. Thanks again to Brix who was my agent, he ensured I g...

From: Washington → Nairobi  *  Economy

Solomon Johnson

Everything went on perfectly smoothly from Day 1 to the last day I will recommend your com...

From: Denver → Freetown  *  Economy

Christa Dodoo

I got excellent customer service from Alister R. This was my first time using ITN and will...

From: Washington → Accra  *  Economy

Robert Bempong

Mr Roy, my sales representative, was very patient and took his time to walk me step by ste...

From: Washington → Accra  *  Economy

Pizzle Yooko

Great customer service. ITN rep make sure I got the best deal.

From: Atlanta → Lagos  *  Economy

joyce prempeh

I really like your servicescliff is a very good employee very friendliy.andhelpful am pro...

From: Chicago → Accra  *  Economy

Rev. Darrell LaRue Armstrong

I have found Jamie MOST amenable, hospitable, and reliable in ticketing my multi-destinati...

From: Nairobi → Accra  *  Economy

Staci Williams

The Agent Tiger was very professional and went above and beyond duty. He was off his shif...

From: Cleveland → Accra  *  Economy



From: Seattle → Accra  *  Economy

Peter M

I purchased my ticket for my travel through ITN because I had previously purchased tickets...

From: Orlando → Accra  *  Economy

udo igwe

The ITN ticket Agent who assisted me tried all her best to find a cheap ticket for me. She...

From: New York → Lagos  *  Economy

Henri V.

Thank you for your mail. I would like to inform you and Qatar Airways, that I will not use...

From: Johannesburg → Chicago  *  Economy

Vesna Stefanovic

Thank you for everything you did for me. This is my best travel , and travel agency in 20 ...

From: Chicago → Johannesburg  *  Economy

Jason D.

My wife and sister had a safe and smooth flight home and were very appreciative of the o...

From: Nashville → Freetown  *  Economy

Diana Kamara

Dear ITN, It was indeed a pleasure to use your services, I would recommend to friends, al...

From: Newark → Entebbe  *  Economy

Gladwell Kivuti

Thank you very much.  My travel was quite good.  I had a delay at Brussels for 3 days be...

From: Washington → Nairobi  *  Economy

Haziel Atere-Roberts

Dear ITN, everthing went as planned and she had a smooth and safe flight as God was theit ...

From: Charlotte → Freetown  *  Economy

Joseph Ashong

Since 2007, I have bought tickets for flights from the USA to Accra,Ghana and Europe via ...

From: New York → Accra  *  Economy

Wetonyi Patrick

I noticed many bad reports about asaptickets, i will tell you my story, I never flew in my...

From: Syracuse → Entebbe  *  Economy

Lucia Mbofana

Dear ITN team think the thank you should come from me rather than you.It was great pleasur...

From: New York → Harare  *  Economy

Gracie Okorie

Liam with ITN was great! He was a complete total help to me and my family, he even followe...

From: Lagos → Charlotte  *  Economy


This is to thank you for your great service and constant updates, you made my trip very ...

From: Boise → Nairobi  *  Economy

Godfried Lovelace-Dodoo

My family and I traveled to Accra from Seattle. The travel Agent Dean P. was very helpful ...

From: Seattle → Accra  *  Economy


Great customer service by Travis. Excellent price for a last minute trip!

From: New York → Lagos  *  Economy

julius kabugu

Simple... u guys rock!!! The prices are outrageously low, the customer service is personal...

From: Denver → Entebbe  *  Economy

Priscah Rowell

Great customer service, always ready to help your clients at anytime! I appreciate your qu...

From: Chicago → Nairobi  *  Economy

Rose Wambugu

I had a good experience getting to work with the ITN staff and getting the best possible ...

From: Chicago → Nairobi  *  Economy

Jasmine Clerisme

Mario was incredibly helpful, providing quick service and even continued searching to find...

From: New York → Lagos  *  Economy

CJ Carrier

Douglas was fantastic to deal with. He was patient and even with being asked a plethora o...

From: Seattle → Kigali  *  Economy

Celio Mondjane

This has been the most consistent & reliable travel agency that I dealt with. I do take m...

From: Cedar Rapids → Johannesburg  *  Economy

Sam Hall

Exceptional service. Always upbeat and courteous . Austin needs a raise in my opinion Res...

From: New York → Entebbe  *  Economy

John Mengot

Mr. roger has been very helpful through out this process of helping me obtain this flight...

From: Baltimore → Douala  *  Economy

Samuel W. Addo

Ticket agent Eve was very cordial, polite and helpful through my process of my booking and...

From: Washington → Accra  *  Economy

Rebecca Sturdevant

Paige was helpful in finding tickets to Yaounde at a better price than any other online tr...

From: Omaha → Yaounde  *  Economy

Deboarh H. Isom

Raul was very helpful and worked hard to assure that I got the best possible flight to Ent...

From: New York → Entebbe  *  Economy

Miguel Duran

Tyson has been very helpful in finding the best flights to Cape Town for me.

From: San Francisco → Cape Town  *  Economy

Emmanuel Abah

My experience with ITN was great and satisfactory. Chip C did a great job to get the ticke...

From: Phoenix → Lagos  *  Economy

Margaret Yost

David has been wonderful and helpful to work with. I was amazed by savings of over $600 p...

From: Chicago → Johannesburg  *  Economy

Talal Hajali

Ralph A made it so easy to book my flight to Freetown.he was very patient and went through...

From: San Antonio → Freetown  *  Economy

Pilley Doe

Bruno has been very helpful in assisting me during the purchase of this ticket to Accra. ...

From: Washington → Accra  *  Economy

Eric Tangumonkem

This is the second I am using this service and it is flawless. All the agents are knowledg...

From: Newark → Douala  *  Economy

Henry S

Rose was very patient with my Kigali travel requiremnts; I had to change many times in ord...

From: Phoenix → Kigali  *  Economy


MASON was of big help to me, I have never gotten thid type of customer service from an air...

From: Miami → Abuja  *  Economy

Gavin Cory Smith

The agent, Weston, was very helpful and guided me through all the difficulties of organizi...

From: Washington → Mombasa  *  Economy

Lindiwe M. Helm

Whitney was very professional, patient and very helpful. I travel a lot and I'll always c...

From: Chicago → Addis Ababa  *  Economy

Blessing G.

Ronald is an amazing agent. He put me at ease from the first call. Very professional, has ...

From: Baltimore → Port Harcourt  *  Economy

Denis M. Murray

ITN has given us the best price, the itinerary that works best for our group and Atilla ha...

From: Denver → Lusaka  *  Economy

Eniye Joy Fadaka-Igbinigie

Archie the customer service rep was very patient with me while he was helping me look for ...

From: New York → Gaborone  *  Economy

Zach Stebbins

The price is WONDEFUL compared to everyone else\'s offers! Kobe was pretty helpful and po...

From: Amarillo → Freetown  *  Economy

Tsega Tafesse

Troy Adams has a great customer service attitude and was very helpful throughout my experi...

From: Washington → Addis Ababa  *  Economy

Elizabeth Tamakloe

Mr. Wright worked was very explicit and clear in explaining to me the does and donts of IT...

From: Buffalo → Dakar  *  Economy

Felix Kumai

I have a long history with Wayne and he has booked my flights to Abuja to my best satisfac...

From: New York → Abuja  *  Economy

Idriss O. Ayelara

Customer service was excelent because agent took his time explaining everything in detail,...

From: St Louis → Lome  *  Economy

Everett Sheffey

I was very, very pleased with the flights that Jason was able to work out for us. He found...

From: Austin → Cape Town  *  Economy

Jeanne Edith Tiako

You are the best. I will be looking forward to do business with you. Thanks...........

From: Austin → Yaounde  *  Economy

Lesego Lippe

The agent endeavored to find me what I needed to save me a bit of money. He also walked m...

From: Washington → Gaborone  *  Economy

Stanley Ontweka.

Gina was helpful during my search this ticket.I will continue using her infuture findindin...

From: Nairobi → Minneapolis  *  Economy

Oluwayemisi Owolabi

Best customer service ever. This agent took his time to explain the whole procedure step b...

From: Atlanta → Kano  *  Economy

David Broom

I found you on the internet... worked with Leon S. who has been amazing to work with. My f...

From: Chicago → Harare  *  Economy

Yiko L. Bangana

Until now,i spoke to a wonderful and very attentioned ITN representative named Mel who hel...

From: New York → Lome  *  Economy

A. Addington-Faye

Phil was simply one of the most helpful customer service agents I have ever worked with.

From: New York → Dakar  *  Economy

Chiseche Mibenge was in the same price range as ITN, but only provided very complicated an...

From: New York → Lusaka  *  Economy

Pamela S. Barchus

I was very please with the help that the ITN representative gave. I have never traveled i...

From: Cleveland → Cotonou  *  Economy

A. Evans-Wilcox

It has been a pleasure working with Freeda on my travel tickets to Nigeria. This is the se...

From: Oklahoma City → Port Harcourt  *  Economy

Rupa Duthulur

Frank has been awesome in assisting me with my Angola tickets purchase, very helpful and p...

From: Dallas → Lusaka  *  Economy

Ibrahim Alfa Ahmed

The agent I spoke with, Atilla, was very professional, friendly and helpful.

From: Washington → Kano  *  Economy

Jace Rabe

Jason H our sales rep was awesome! Great experience with him. He was so patient and help...

From: Atlanta → Cotonou  *  Economy


I enjoy making travel arrangements to Kenya with Mohammad. He is great and has lots of pa...

From: Washington → Mombasa  *  Economy


I love the service I received from my travel agent, she was very patient and kind. Her har...

From: San Francisco → Accra  *  Economy

Richard Musumhi

The Agent was more than helpful in addressing my concerns especially when traveling throug...

From: Chicago → Harare  *  Economy

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