Payment Options

What Payment Options We Accept

Please take a minute to look over the payment options ASAP Tickets Africa accepts when you purchase tickets with us.


Credit and Debit Cards:

We accept all major credit or debit cards for bookings. Please note that your credit and/or debit card may have a daily spending limit. We recommend you to ensure with your bank that you have sufficient funds for the purchase of your ticket(s) prior to booking. If you use a debit card for booking, funds will be withdrawn from your bank account immediately after we process your ticket. We accept all major credit cards issued in the United States: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover Card.

*Please note: Discover Card may not be accepted by some airlines. In case your chosen airline will not accept Discover Card, your travel agent will let you know about these restrictions and ask for alternative payment method.

Third-Party Credit Cards:

TThose customers who wish to purchase tickets for relatives or friends will be contacted by an ITN billing support representative to initiate a three way call to authorize the purchase directly with the issuing bank. Some credit and/or debit cards may have daily limits; please ensure with your bank that you have sufficient funds for the purchase of your ticket(s). The fares are not guaranteed until the tickets are issued.

Multiple Credit Cards:

Unlike with online bookings, we accept multiple credit cards to purchase your ticket(s), i.e. you can make bookings using more than one credit card for one booking. Please note, additional booking and service fees may apply.

Virtual Cards:

We do not accept Virtual Credit Cards (also known as Prepaid Cards, Online Cards or any single purchase cards).

International Credit Cards:

We accept credit cards issued worldwide, subject to some limitations. All international credit cards are subject to strict verification procedure in order to ensure that the credit cardholder authorizes a purchase. Please note that some banks and credit card companies may impose the currency exchange rate and international transaction fees, which are determined solely by your bank and are not associated with ASAP Tickets Africa. We recommend you to consult your credit card company and the bank for their individual policy.

If you want to use a credit card issued in another country to purchase your ticket(s), please, discuss this payment option directly with the travel agent prior to booking. Please note, additional booking and service fees may apply.

Other Forms of Payment

If you want to use other forms of payment: checks, wire transfer, direct deposit or other, please, contact your travel agent for help and further instructions. PLEASE NOTE: additional booking and service fees may apply.

Wire Transfer & Cash Deposits:

ASAP Tickets Africa accepts wire transfers and cash deposits from clients purchasing airline tickets. No tickets will be issued until the wire transfer posts on our account. No personal checks are accepted.

PLEASE NOTE: the fares are not guaranteed until the tickets are issued. For all payment options, contact your travel agent!

General Security Policy

Here, at ASAP Tickets Africa we have zero tolerance for suspicious credit card activity or invalid chargeback requests. This purpose of this policy is to ensure that the purchases you make are valid and legitimate, and thus avoiding unnecessary loss for you or us. Your booked fares and tickets are not guaranteed until all payment is complete, verified and the tickets are issued. If any of the provided information is cont complete, it could cause delay in issuing your tickets. takes cardholder security very seriously and we reserve the right to reject any booking if we are not satisfied with the provided information that would prove the cardholder's permission for the transaction.

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