How does ASAP Tickets Africa offer such low fares?

ASAP Tickets Africa , a brand belonging to International Travel Network, has access to unpublished fares negotiated by ITN and partner consolidators that do not sell directly to the general public. Unlike most consolidators in the US who cater only to travel agents, ASAP Tickets Africa sells directly to passengers. ITN has negotiated discounted fares with airlines such as Philippine Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Qatar Airways, Jet Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Iberia Airlines, Royal Air Maroc, Gulf Air, LOT Polish Airlines, Air Berlin, El Al Airlines, Egypt Air, and Turkish Airlines. In addition, we have access to discounted fares of Delta Airlines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, British Airways, South African Airlines, Japan Airlines, Asiana Airlines, Korean Air, Cathay Pacific, Emirates Airlines, Swiss Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and many others.

Do I need a passport? Visa?

Passport: You will need a valid passport to travel internationally. For more information on passports, visit Travel.State.Gov Visa: Requirements for Visas vary depending on the country. Some countries even require transit Visas. It is best you check with the foreign consulate of the country you are going to, as well as, transit countries. ASAP Tickets Africa has partnered with VisaHQ to advise on Visas and Passports and help with the necessary documents at discount prices. Passport and Visa services are provided by VisaHQ. ASAP Tickets Africa and International Travel Network (ITN) will not be responsible for any services and information provided by VisaHQ. To apply for Visa or Passport, please Go Here!

Why use the phone for booking?

We know it can sometimes be a hassle when you are online to stop and pick up the phone. But sometimes the very best deals are only available over the phone. Due to our agreements with our many suppliers – our direct consolidators and partner airlines, most on consolidated fares cannot be disclosed for online purchase. So try to give us a call and you see how much you can save on you Africa travel.

Why book over the phone with us?

Since our consolidated fares are specially negotiated and usually much lower than standard published fares, it increases your chances of getting bargain fares unavailable online and be the first to see and book the new rates not yet loaded anywhere online. Unlike online travel sites, you can always speak to your own personal live expert agent who is specially assigned to you to arrange all your travel needs. With the professional travel agent, you have ability to choose among the many options on alternate days, alternate flights, airline routes and fares manually combined for you, which you won't be able to do on your own online. Also, you may always negotiate your terms of payment and get necessary information on baggage, better airline and more convenient schedules.

When is the best time to start checking for cheap flights?

We advise to plan your travel ahead of time, at least 3 months in advance. If you plan to travel during or around major holiday, it is better t start checking for your flight even earlier: 5-6 months in advance to ensure the availability of seats on your preferred route with the chosen airline at a lower cost. We also advise you to be more flexible on your travel dates and flights to be able to choose the cheaper airfare, since the availability of most discount airfares is usually quite limited and our agents have better chances to offer you best deals if you can consider travailing 3-4 days before or after the planned dates

Can I purchase a ticket online?

Due to our relations with airlines and direct consolidators, our airfares can only be purchased over the phone.

What is an e-ticket?

An e-ticket or an electronic ticket. Electronic ticketing is the time-saving, paperless and ticketless way to travel. E-tickets are widely used my most major international airlines. Some airlines still issue paper tickets, but this practice is less common nowadays. E-ticket contains all the same information as shown on a paper ticket, but it is stored electronically in the airline's computer system. An e-ticket allows your trip to be easy and safe because all of your booking and ticket details are held electronically and you cannot forget it at home or lose it while traveling. This has huge benefits over the old-style paper tickets. When you travel with an e-ticket, all you need to do is to simply print out your flight itinerary showing the booking reference to present it to airlines at check-in desk or in most cases you can just travel with your passport. We strongly suggest our customers to keep their travel itinerary with the e-ticket number and all flight details with them for faster check-in.

Do prices include all taxes and fees?

We always try to advertise only the best deals and most reliable prices to you. We update our prices pulling them out directly from our contracts and adding all the latest airline fuel information we have in our data base. Fuel taxes are very high nowadays therefore, we try to include them into the prices to give you more precise price estimates. However, governmental taxes and minor local fees are excluded from our on-site and of-site advertisements. Final price of the ticket depends on the final itinerary chosen for the flight, which may vary based on several factors: travel dates/season, transfer airports, number of stops and airlines en-route, airline payment terms for discount fares. These taxes and fees usually comprise from $100 to $150 and change so frequently that we are unable to update them manually on daily basis.

How can I find out the total cost of the ticket?

The total cost of the ticket with all the tax and fees breakdown can be obtained directly from a travel agent while choosing your preferred travel itinerary on the phone. Our travel agents will do their best to advise you the least expensive fare for the most convenient flight saving your money. However, the final cost of the ticket will depend on your chosen route and availability of seats for the lowest booking class on that flight.

Can I pay for someone else if I'm not traveling?

Generally, third party payments are accepted, but in certain cases it may be denied subject to credit card verification. All third-party cards are subject to strict verification procedure in order to ensure that the true cardholder authorizes the purchase. If you wish to purchase tickets for your family members, you as the credit card holder will be contacted by our Billing Support representative to initiate a three way call to authorize the purchase directly with you. Billing Support Department may also ask you to provide additional information and documents to verify the legitimacy of the transaction which all serves as a security check to ensure that you authorize the transaction. Note that your booked fares and tickets are not guaranteed until all payment is complete, verified and the tickets are issued. Please, read our Payment Options section for a detailed policy.

Can my husband pay for my tickets if he is not traveling?

Generally, third party payments are accepted, but in certain cases it may be denied subject to credit card verification. All third-party cards are subject to strict verification procedure in order to ensure that the true cardholder authorizes the purchase. If you are using someone's credit card for booking your flight, the credit card holder will be contacted by our Billing Support representative to initiate a three way call to authorize the purchase directly with the issuing bank. Billing Support Department may also ask the credit cardholder to provide additional information and documents to verify the legitimacy of the transaction which all serves as a security check to ensure that the true credit cardholder authorizes the transaction and is using the card with his/her consent. Note that your booked fares and tickets are not guaranteed until all payment is complete, verified and the tickets are issued. Please, read our Payment Options section for a detailed policy.

How can I make a group booking?

We understand that making a booking for more tan 9 people traveling together is not an easy process. Therefore, if you wish to arrange a group travel, we advise you to call us directly or send us an email describing you travel preferences. We will do our best to find suitable flights for your group, confirm availability of seats and price with the airline, as well as put seats on hold for you to guarantee that all of them are available at the time of booking. Besides, our travel agents who specialize in group bookings will make all necessary travel arrangements for the whole group: choose most suitable route, make preferred seat and/or meal assignment in the plane, and advise most suitable payment options.

How can I pay for my tickets?

We accept multiple forms of payment to make your sure you can choose the one that suits you best. You can pay with wither of the major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover (exceptions may exist based on airline rules) or choose direct deposit or wire transfer. Please, refer to our Payment Options section for all the forms of payments we accept.

How can I book a multi-city/ multi-stop flight?

Arranging a multi-city flight by yourself may be a complicated procedure, therefore, we advise that you contact our travel agents directly. We maintain our focus on manually customizing complex itineraries for you and find multiple city flights with free stopovers at best fares using our specially negotiated contracts. Our travel agents make it easy to plan any open-jaw or multiple stop flights reliably and at a compelling value to you.

How can I check my reservation?

You can re-check you reservation at any time calling your travel agent or online at Travelport Viewtrip . Travelport enables you to view your itinerary, follow real-time schedule changes or print your ticket receipt, from anywhere in the world, at any time. Once you have a confirmed reservation or after booking your air ticket with us, you can reconfirm your detailed travel itinerary with Travelport. All you need is your reservation number and last name.

How will I know when my tickets are issued?

Once you purchase a ticket with ASAP Tickets Africa travel agent, you booking goes to our ticket department who check credit card validity or other form of payment and issue your tickets. Once tickets are issued, you will receive an email from your travel agent showing your ticket numbers. Using this information, you can double check your ticket status online directly with the booked airline or at Travelport Viewtrip , using your reservation number and last name of the passenger.

What if my name/flight/fare is incorrect on my ticket?

Once a ticket has been issued, ASAP Tickets Africa has a 24 hour grace period to void the ticket transaction without any airline penalties. Once this period is over, the fare restrictions determine whether we are able to make any corrections and any penalties that may be assessed. Also, a voided ticket does not ensure the same ticket is available to book again. Passenger names provided must match the names shown on passports. Even a small mistake in the name can cause a major inconvenience for passengers during their travel. Sometimes a mistake can even prevent a passenger from using their tickets. Additionally, the process of correcting names on previously issued tickets is complicated and many airlines do not allow it. We kindly ask that you double check the names you provide.

Are my tickets transferable?

All tickets are non-transferable and name changes are not permitted.

How is my ticket shipped and can I track it?

ASAP Tickets Africa issues mostly e-tickets. Once your electronic tickets are issued, you will receive an email confirmation which will include the ticket number, and the reservation numbers for each airline you’ll be traveling on. For paper tickets, you can choose to ship your tickets through UPS or Fedex. When shipping Fedex or UPS, your agent can provide a tracking number you can use to track your ticket. ASAP Tickets Africa is not liable for lost or delayed tickets.

When will I receive my ticket?

E-ticket confirmation will be e-mailed to you after ASAP Tickets Africa has ensured the ticket has been issued. General shipping for paper tickets is three to fifteen business days. When necessary, please check with your agent to arrange rush delivery.

When are agents available?

ASAP Tickets Africa travel agents are available by phone and email 24 hours Monday through Sunday.

Can I get a ticket last minute?

Yes, ASAP Tickets Africa specializes in discounted last minute deals, so we’re likely to find you a seat, even hours before a flight!

I don't know when I'm coming home. Can I buy an open-ended ticket?

No, unfortunately ASAP Tickets Africa no longer sells open ended tickets.

Can I buy a one-way ticket?

Yes, ASAP Tickets Africa has specially negotiated one way fares. However, please ensure you are eligible. Many countries restrict entry on one way tickets to their citizens and will require proof of return ticket. Please check with an agent.

Can I accrue mileage?

Mileage accrual depends on airline rules. Some fares do not allow mileage accrual, while others can earn you more than 100% on miles. Its good to check with the airlines, as ASAP Tickets Africa is not responsible for mileage credits.

Can I get a seat for an infant?

Most airlines will let you purchase a seat for an infant, but you will need to pay a child fare. Some airlines will not allow an infant on a separate seat. Please check with an agent.

What kind of extra discounts can I get for infants and children? What about seniors, military, or youth discounts?

Infants and children discounts: Most airlines provide discounts for infants up to 24 months old, and children from 2-11 years of age. The fare for infants is usually 10% of an adult fare, while the usual fare for children is 75% of an adult fare, plus taxes and fees. However, some discounted tickets have no additional reductions for infants or children. Please check with an agent for discount information. Senior, military or youth discounts: Often, our discounted fares are already less expensive than most regularly published fares. Any additional discounts depend on the airline. For example, while some airlines provide a 10% discount for youth, others don’t. So it’s worth it to ask an agent.

Where do I get my luggage?

Although there are exceptions, generally when traveling from the US abroad, you will be able to collect your luggage at your final destination. Generally, on return trips back, passengers have to go through immigration and customs at their first point of entry into the US. This means presenting your passport and clearing immigration at your first point of entry in the US. Once you clear immigration, you will then collect your luggage and go through customs clearing. If connecting to another domestic flight in the US, you will have to drop off your luggage with the connecting carrier. Usually, airlines will have counters near customs, where bags can be dropped off by connecting passengers. Much depends on the customs laws and regulation of the country you are in. Check with an agent, should you have questions.

Can I request seat assignments, meals, or a wheelchair?

Yes, contact your ASAP Tickets Africa agent. From seat assignments to meal options, your agent can provide service on your special requests

What should I do in the event of an involuntary schedule change on my reservation?

Should an involuntary schedule change occur, please email ASAP Tickets Africa Customer Service with your contact information and reservation information, or call (800) 750-2238. We strongly encourage you to always reconfirm all flights with airlines at least 72 hours before departure.

How do I cancel or exchange my tickets?

For reservations changes, please contact our Customer Service Department at (800) 750-2238 to speak to one of our representatives who will assist you with the proper online forms to fill out and submit. Once submitted, the customer service representative will process your request. Africa.Asaptickets.com customer service representatives are available by phone Monday through Sunday, 24/7.

Can I cancel my ticket?

If you know you cannot travel, you must cancel your tickets with ASAP Tickets Africa or with the airline. All bookings must be canceled at least 24 hours in advance. If you fail to cancel your ticket, the airline will treat the ticket as a "No Show" and the ticket automatically loses its value; therefore cannot be exchanged nor refunded. Note: If you have a paper ticket rather than an e-ticket, you must return the paper ticket to ASAP Tickets Africa before we can process any kind of refund or exchange.

What if I miss my flight?

Missed flights are considered by the airline as a “No Show” and immediately suspended. Suspended tickets have no value and cannot be exchanged nor refunded. ASAP Tickets Africa is unable to reinstate tickets that have been suspended by airlines.

Do I need to pay any extra cost for baggage?

Airline-imposed baggage fees are not included and may apply. Some airlines collect extra baggage fees at check-in. These fees are not included into the advertised fares and total trip cost when purchasing tickets though our website, and may apply. For the most detailed airlines baggage information, please check directly with the travel agent and then with the airlines.

How do I find out the allowed baggage for my flight?

Baggage allowances vary depending on the airline(s) and destination selected and are subject to change at any moment. Please check directly with the airline(s) for the latest carry-on and checked baggage allowances and restrictions. For passengers whose tickets are sold as a codeshare flight, operating and/or marketing carrier fees may apply. For more detailed airlines baggage information, please check directly with the travel agent and the airlines.

How can I change my travel dates?

Once your tickets are issued, they are non-exchangeable , non-reroutable and non-refundable. If the fare rules allow exchanges, a $250.00 Africa.Asaptickets.com fee will be charged to process any exchange request. This fee will be collected in addition to the penalties charged directly by the airline and/or recalled by the airline from Africa.Asaptickets.com. Reservations for tickets to be exchanged must be canceled at least 24 hours prior to scheduled departure - NO SHOW ticket(s) will not be processed for exchange. All exchanges can be made only prior to scheduled departure. Please, read our Terms and Conditions for detailed information.

Can I exchange or get a refund from my tickets?

Most discounted tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. However, this varies depending on the airline. Airlines that allow exchanges or refunds may charge a penalty fee for the service, which your agent will quote at the time of purchase. Penalty fees are subject to airline rules. Exchanges: If fare rules allow for exchanges, a $250 processing fee will be charged along with any airline penalty and fare difference. Refunds: If fare rules allow for refunds, a $250 processing fee will be charged along with any airline penalty.

Is the information I provide to you safe?

All the information you provide to us will be used for the booking purpose only and will not be disclosed to any person or company. Moreover all the transactions over the phone are secure and confidential.

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