Meaningful work in Africa

We are very proud to support our long-term customers and their inspirational initiative to help others. In 2015, we cooperated with South African Airways and gave to few of our most loyal clients free round-trip tickets from the US to Africa. Hopefully, this small, but kind gesture made it a little easier for them to focus on work in Africa.

ASAP Tickets Africa team would like to introduce you with Dr. Paolo D’Odorico, Viola Tebah, and Jill Hartzell stories. They strive to improve living conditions and teach meaningful life skills to people of Africa. Their good hearts and selfless actions are an inspiration to all of us and we hope you’ll feel the same way.

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Viola Tebah

Meaningful Work with Kids in Africa

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Dr. Paolo D’Odorico

Research in Africa

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Jill Hartzell

Educational and Clean Water
Projects in Africa

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LaShawne Bryant

African Cultural Awareness Movement in the US

Our involvement

To support global movement projects in Africa ASAP Tickets Africa together with South African Airways have developed a special, discounted airfare plan to Africa. If you organize or are a part of a group that supports a selfless initiative to help people living in Africa - get in touch with ASAP Tickets Africa travel agent by calling , to discuss your organization’s travel options.

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