ASAP Tickets Africa has compiled an extensive database of airlines flying to Africa, which contains up-to-date information of their contact phone numbers, whether toll-free or international, links to airlines website with the detailed baggage requirements and check-in information. All airlines have been sorted in alphabetic order for you to easier navigate through the list. We advise to check this information 24 hours before your flight to make sure you are aware of any latest changes. Feel free to call your travel agent or our Customer Service before, during and after your trip for any help!

What ASAP Tickets Africa Has to Offer:

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Our long-term exclusive contracts with all major airlines operating flights between the US and Africa, allow us to provide you with the specially negociated low airfares that are not available elsewhere online.

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ASAP Tickets Africa is an ultimate flight expert in travel to and from African continent with over a decade of experience in the industry. We know exactly what you need and will make sure you get the perfect travel arrangements and the best seat assignements.

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